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Heather Walker Janz is a marriage & Family Therapist providing counseling and therapy in Fresno, Clovis and the central valley. Individual, adult, child and family counseling is offered. 



Call (559) 825-1205

In-Person appointments in the Central Valley and Virtual Telehealth Counseling throughout California.


I'm here to help people with difficult life transitions and I study and understand the unique pressures put on people who are starting their lives independently. I believe that you truly get better when the world around you provides a supportive environment and you have the right guidance to show you the way. I'm delighted to be able to provide services in our community which promote wellness and positive change. I provide a calm and safe space that allows people to express the feelings they have and work toward identifying what needs to be done to accomplish positive change in their lives. Whether it's joy, pain, grief, shame, anger or sadness you're experiencing, you will be heard privately and in a non-judgmental way.

                 Individual Therapy             Change the way you live

                 Individual Therapy 

         Change the way you live

 Solution-focused & Short Term Therapy             Change the way you work

 Solution-focused & Short Term Therapy

          Change the way you work

      Millennial and Generation Y Age Groups                               Change for you

      Millennial and Generation Y Age Groups

                            Change for you

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