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Heather Walker Janz is a marriage & Family Therapist providing counseling and therapy in Fresno, Clovis and the central valley. Individual, adult, child and family counseling is offered. 



This page will allow you to understand the importance of what you are paying into and how the process works. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Investment in Mental Health:

Are You Accepting New Clients? 

I offer telehealth/online therapy for those that are interested, and in-person appointments in Fresno. Please email me at to set up an appointment. 

What are your fees? 

Fee for therapy is an investment in yourself and commitment to work on your goals. My fee is 130 dollars for a 50 minute in office or virtual session and this includes personal therapy. Time outside of the session is spent on processing billing, completing documentation and business practices. 

What exactly am I paying for?

What you are paying for is a contained space to work on your goals and symptoms with an educated, trained, skilled and experienced therapist who has 3000 hours of clinical training, 2 degrees from accredited universities, and several continuing education credits to be able to help you in a very specific and therapeutic way.

Do you take insurance?

Yes! Insurance may cover your services if you have an approved diagnosis and your treatment can be proven to be medically necessary. Some insurances require pre-approval prior to treatment. If provided treatment through your insurance, your treatment goals will need to be geared toward addressing a confirmed diagnosis.

Please contact me so that we can check your member eligibility for mental health services. Insurance may cover all of the session cost or require you to pay a copay or coinsurance amount.

Note: General Relationship/Couples Counseling is not reimbursable by insurance. There are certain instances where a spouse may be able to support an identified patient in treatment which can be covered, but the goals still must be working toward medical necessity. Contact your insurance carrier with questions about your health benefits and coverage under your plan.

Insurances accepted (pending authorization):

~MediCal, MediCaid (including Blue Cross MediCal, Cal Viva MediCal)

~CalVCP (California Victims of Crime Compensation Program)

~ I can provide you with a superbill to present to your insurance if you have a plan that reimburses you for mental health treatment

~Private Pay (no insurance) $130.00 per 50 minute session

Why would I want to pay privately for my services?

By choosing to pay privately for your therapy services, you may find more flexibility, convenience and privacy with regard to your medical health records.

Flexibility: It is quite common for people to seek therapy to better themselves personally and professionally, and you do not have to have a mental health diagnosis to benefit from therapy. Maybe you do not not have a full-blown mental health diagnosis and are just in need of life skills-building or a safe place to process difficult educational, work or family changes. If you would like the focus of your sessions to be about your own goals and not ones that are dictated by insurance requirements, this may be the best option for you.

Convenience: Many insurance companies require that you select a provider that has been approved by them. You have the option of seeking your own service provider that is compatible to your needs,specialty and comfort level. 

Privacy: Last, by choosing to pay privately for your services, you are electing to seek more confidentiality for you or your loved one as your private health information is not required to be shared with insurance if you are not paying for services through them. Some people also choose private pay when they are worried about having a pre-existing condition on their health record and just want some support with relationships or life skills and not mental health treatment.